Yaadi Token is the official token for Island Casino and Sportsbook. A community based token developed to bring players a decentralized option for gaming and Sportsbook.

Yaadi Token


Yaadi Token is a Game-based community token developed mainly to create a safe haven for Game lovers. Yaadi Token is a Jamaican inspired meme token and official token of ISLAND CASINO, developing verifiably fair Player vs Player (PvP) and Player vs Bot (PvB) cryptocurrency Casino and Sports book. Our main goal is to provide people with a safe and trustworthy place where they can use their crypto for rewards, holding & buying or selling of NFT. As a gaming community developed token, we focus on the needs of our game lover community members. Yaadi Token is an upcoming next-level gaming platform, aimed at bringing cryptocurrency and smart contract-based protocols to the mainstream. The Binance smart chain smart contract is used for transactions on the platform, allowing for unparalleled flexibility and speed in Gaming. Binance smart chain is the most advanced blockchain system for smart contracts, allowing for cheap transaction fees and Fast Transaction.


Gaming Overview

We offer Gaming with no human or corporate entity in the intermediary. The system is secure, and the software and transactions have been shown to be fair and reliable. It's easy to conclude why Yaadi Token Gaming is the future of the gaming token when you consider how easy to earn money by participating in Yaadi Token game, Stake it, or by selling or trading NFT.

Island Casino


Provide every holder with simple and effective ways to gain exposure to digital assets

Our goal is to merge gaming with cryptocurrency by establishing an ecosystem controlled mostly by users that enables them to transact both ways through our token while remaining anonymous

Operate as a community-focused and community-driven digital asset, fully decentralized in every sense of the word.

Our soon to be released Platform brings blockchain technology to the gaming and Sportsbook industry.

Island Casino


Yaadi Token is focusing on providing quality entertaining games using the Yaadi Token (YADI) tokens. There are many drawbacks in the gaming industry today and we want to set an example for what a true casino should be like.

By applying the latest technology and its uses available for verifying games to their fairness in terms of opponent moves, we want to put a heavy emphasis on practising this on every one of our games. Not only do the games need to be fair, but they also need to be exciting to play with many attractive bonuses waiting around the corner.

Island Casino


Yaadi Token is a decentralized token on Binance smart chain with three functions that take place during each trade: Reflection, Automatic Liquidity, and Burn. These functions work together to overcome messy problems caused by farming rewards, and price fluctuations. We believe that Yaadi Token will see exponential growth, just as Yaadi Token hopes to generate immense value for our community by taking advantage of this opportunity.


The reflected method successfully enables token holders to hold their tokens depending on percentages completed and total tokens owned by owners. Reflection Rewards play an important part in addressing a variety of issues in order to provide investors with earnings depending on the number of tokens exchanged in the market


Sometimes burns are important, and sometimes they aren't. In the early days, a continuous burn on a single protocol may be convenient, but it implies the burn cannot be limited or regulated in any manner. Burns are managed automatically by the Ecosystem. 3% of the fixed amount of token is burned per transaction and making the token more scars and the value of the token will be increased.


Yaadi Token's secret is Automatic LP. 3% of the token is added to the liquidity pool automatically. We have a function here that serves as a dual implementation for holders. To begin, the contract collects tokens from both sellers and purchasers and adds them to the LP, establishing a stable price floor. In principle, the additional LP provides stability by adding the tax to the token's total liquidity.


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